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What Happened on the Moon Debunked - Part 4

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Minutes 69-70 Percy reminds us of the "designer continuity error" on the Apollo 16 jump salute with the PLSS flap, where I showed him to be lying! He then points out a photograph taken with the Earth and flag in shot on Apollo 17 and indicates how difficult it would be without a viewfinder. Difficult is not impossible, nevertheless We are left with the implied suggestion.

Perhaps this charlatan could have looked at the previous image in that roll of film where Schmitt also tried to do the same shot? Here it is badly framed sideways on, with the tiniest bit of the Earth visible on the edge of the flag.

Minutes 70-72  Percy now shows us his assessment of the Apollo 17 flag billowing "positive" ie. bulging towards the stills camera, and to his "trained eye" also billowing positive in the opposite direction to the TV camera.

It is an optical illusion, perfectly explained here:-

With a demonstration pictorially on this page:-

And visually here:-

He continues with just a bizarre summary of what his optical illusion actually means! Whistleblowing flag movers, and the Schmitt "Earth photgraph" interpreted by him as "No departure from Earth by the named astronaut in this photograph". I kid you not, he actually does say that hogwash!

Always we have the reinforcing of the "evidence" with repetition and referbacks, instilling in the viewer a sense of wonder at this "mass of hoax proof".

Minutes 72-74 Moving on to the question of why there is only one Hasselblad image of Armstrong on the Moon, Ronnie Stronge then speculates that it was because he was a reclusive man and maybe felt "guilt"! He says "was he even on the Moon"? The idea that they had one surface camera, and that Armstrong was doing most of the photography probably never occurred to them(though given the previous demonstrations of subterfuge, I suspect they did)! This is a laboured, irrelevant, contrived piece of nonsense.

Minutes 75-77 The next contention presented is "sound and light". Here we are shown footage of a bob sleigh powering down the run, vibrating as it moves along the surface. The adrenalin and excitement are highlighted as the film tells us how dangerous this is. Then on to the Apollo 11 descent where professional astronauts are cool, calm and collected as they call out descent readings. The film explains about the engine thrust and how it should have produced massive vibrations, yet clearly ignores the fact that there is no sound in a vacuum! The idea that the engine would shake the craft, the way a ground contacting bob sleigh in an atmosphere would do, is quite ludicrous.

Ronnie Stronge tells us that it is hard to believe we would not have heard any vibration or noise from the engine, yet anybody who has flown in an aircraft knows that the only noise we hear comes from external sound waves. This point is quite laboured and steeped in ignorance. The comparison is made to the Space Shuttle in LEO where supposedly astronauts can feel the thrusters firing, yet fails to point out that feeling motion is not the same as feeling engine vibration, that would at most have had only a gentle effect on the hull.

A throwaway reference is made to the "flimsy" Lunar Module, where no evidence is presented as to how this conclusion is made. The external mylar and kapton is often cited by conspiracy theorists as proof of the LM as bing a "tin-can", yet this machine was built to a very high specification by a dedicated team. The idea that they would create a "flimsy" craft, knowingly, yet the hundreds of personnel involved in its design and build would stay quiet about it is another piece of hogwash.

Minutes 77-79 David Percy now gives us the benefit of his "research" where he cites a mock-up pan of what the Surveyor III craft would look like to Apollo 12 (taken from the film "Conquest of Space"), and he then concludes it is the actual Apollo 12 descent footage!! Unbelievable subterfuge. The mock-up bears no resemblance to any of the Apollo 12 Surveyor III photographs. I'm surprised he didn't point this out as one of his dumb "inconsistencies"!

Here is the Apollo 12 full descent footage:-

Minutes 80-82 The Apollo 12 TV camera fail, is highlighted as "suspicious" by David Percy. He determines that the camera couldn't have failed, because a later mission did the same thing with no problems. Now, gee Percy, maybe they learned from their mistakes d'ya think?

He carries on rambling about continuing lens flares indicating that the camera must have been still working! Lens flares are internal reflections from THE LENS, so any direct flared light would be reflected onto the vidicon screen. Direct light itself was not registered for the burnt out part of the tube. He continues by saying the blacked out portion of the tube was varied over time, which to him suggests it is still functional, when in reality, as is likely, the areas that were not burnt completely would restore some functionality over time.
Continuing, he now claims that Apollo 16 should have known not to point the camera into the Sun. So wh
en being directed by Houston, why would they ask such a thing? Simple, the camera had safeguards built in (as a result of Apollo 12), so why would they know that it was now completely inadvisable. They were guidelines only, and since Houston was directing them, it was a logical question. A trivial and meaningless point by Percy.

Minutes 82-86 This piece of the film is one gigantic rambling chunk of nonsense, Ronnie Stronge starts talking about 2001 a space ODYSSEY(the name of the CSM) and thinks it significant that they played the theme tune moments before the accident with the oxygen stirring tanks, He then suggests the song "The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius" (the name of the LM) being played is also symbolic of the need to use the LM after the accident. Just pure bunkum! He even alludes to the term "Houston we have a problem" as being from the film 2001 and being the work of a secret "whistleblower"!

Minutes 86-87 Mary Bennett makes her entrance and advises us that the blue Sunlight and Earthlight refracted and over exposed through the LM windows is evidence of the craft being in Low Earth Orbit, when it is the coatings used on the windows. Once again we have a referback to the supposedly "already proven" Apollo 11 in LEO (when weather patterns and numerous other things prove it wasn't!) as another example of this.

Debunked here again:-

Here is a section from that video showing how the bright Earth light appears blue, even at distance:-

Minute 87-89 Percy suggests that the photograph of the damaged Apollo 13 CSM is identical to one where the cover is removed on another photograph. Irrelevant really what he thinks, the Odyssey photograph shows damage. Another daft contention. Ronnie Stronge makes an assertion that "many experts" claim, such an explosion would throw the craft "way off course". Hogwash. Who are these "many experts" and where are their computations?

We now have Mary Bennett and her "dance through space" speech, where she tells us that the Apollo 13 craft was scheduled to land in darkness, because it was just barely emerging from the terminator when the craft was over 19,000 miles on its way back to Earth. She says that Apollo 13 had just left Lunar orbit whilst it was still dark.

Let's examine this. Firstly, Apollo 13 never went into orbit!! She has the audacity to tell us how anybody with "rudimentary knowledge of astronomy or an ephemeris" could check this, but makes such a basic, bad error. The craft went around the Moon on a free-return-trajectory. This means it did not fire retro to slow its speed to acquire orbit, but was on a speed and course that took it around the Moon far quicker than normal. It also fired its engine to achieve escape velocity.

This means it hit 19,000 miles away from the Moon barely before it would have even performed one orbital rotation! Apollo 13 was scheduled to be in lunar orbit for 26 hours prior to landing. The actual sunrise terminator moves some 13 degrees in longitude between lunar orbital insertion and the landing.

Mary Bennett - epic fail.

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