Thursday, July 7, 2011

Russia didn't expose the "hoax"?

A series by Jarrah White spanning from the Columbia shuttle disaster onwards? How does that explain anything? It has no bearing whatsoever on the cold war between the USA and Russia during the space race of the 60s and early 70s. 

Profoundly circular reasoning, from a gentleman who was embittered by the USA government's Vietnam involvement. He starts by offering questions that are incorrect, then offers his opinion as a solution to his own theory!

This man also believes there should be stars seen on photographs and video. As is usual with Kaysing, he cites no references whatsoever. Just blind, unadulterated, ignorant bare assertion.

He worked from 1957-63 in the publication section of Rocketdyne. Kaysing would have had no involvement with the planning of Apollo as Rocketdyne was a sub-contractor for some of the engines used, and had no direct access to NASA's technical overview. The fact that he left in 1963, many years before even Apollo 1, discounts his over inflated opinion as just hype to sell his book!

Kaysing also said this:-

"What motivated me to spill the beans was a young man from the Vietnam wars by the name of John Grant. He said that he was sent to Vietnam to kill people with no good reason and he also got a heroin habit, and he says, "Bill," he says, "what I want you to do is blow the whistle on this rotten, corrupt government." He says, "Why don't you say something outrageous, like, we never went to the moon?" So I attribute my interest in this project to John Grant."

Putting this into perspective, Kaysing decided to say something outrageous to get back at the American government. The idea that this man would have any insider knowledge at all on any aspect of Apollo is ludicrous. His secondary goal was to make money by concocting a book littered with ignorance, unsupported opinion, no references to anything he says, with some of the most easily disprovable nonsense one could ever see.

I have bolded the salient part to that quote.

During the entire Apollo program and for some years after, Russia spent a considerable amount of money on its own Lunar program. The idea that the Soviets supposedly knew about the Moon landings being faked, and kept quiet because we gave them grain shipments as humanitarian aid, is one of Rene's more notable quotes of stupidity.

Whilst these "secret" shipments continued, they continued their own Moon program, busily blowing up multi-billion pound rockets, right up until 1972. Billions of pounds that could have fed them 20 times over.

That is his opinion. He cites no references at all.

Conclusion:A country that continues to spend billions of pounds on its own program, suggests strongly that they were going to try a Moon landing. To suggest that they did so to help cover up the Apollo landings is just insane.
The question is, why would a country with any degree of doubt as to the viability of a project (ie. the evil space radiation!), together with a supposed famine, spend so much money secretively on its own Lunar landing program.

The Soviets had superb tracking capabilities.

They had every possible motivation to expose any hoax. The goal of reaching the Moon first was very much a political one. The leverage the Soviets would have over the USA in simply threatening to expose a hoax would never end. They could do whatever they wished for as long as they wished it for. To suggest a grain shipment would buy off their permanent silence is quite frankly pathetic.

Bottom line, the Soviets would either have the USA permanently in their pocket, or more likely, they would yell "hoax" from every possible direction in consumate detail.