Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The "guilty" astronauts!

Last link doesn't work. No surprise since it is years old repeated spam.

I always have trouble with conspiracy theorists who attribute guilt to somebody because of how they "think" they look! This is especially true when considering hoax believers who are looking for absolutely anything as some kind of proof for their stupid hoax theory. The conviction rates of criminals would go through the roof if all that was needed was bare assertion to confirm "guilt".

Now, the contention itself. Not only is the full press conference full of light hearted moments, it is probably the first time any of one these 3 men has appeared in front of thousands of people and expected to talk publicly to them. Anybody who has got up to speak to just a room full of people will know that it can be quite nerve wracking and intimidating. These are astronauts, not media savvy people used to appearing in front of large gatherings.

The actual circumstances surrounding the press conference are more than adequate to explain why anybody wouldn't be at their best, if any such explanation were needed.

1.  Apollo 11 spends 8 days in space and on the Moon, in itself that is quite a physical exertion, with no normal food, toilet facilities, beds or bathing.

2.  Apollo astronauts land back on Earth July 24th and go straight into quarantine for just under 3 weeks.



3.  Quarantine ends on August 11th.


4.  Press conference August 12th the day after!

So, no proper R&R, no contact with their family, no time to go outside, no proper downtime and straight into a packed auditorium in front of the world's media. It is absolutely ludicrous to suggest that anybody would be in tip-top condition in those circumstances. Even so, they did a good presentation, answered numerous questions and as can clearly be seen (for anybody who wants to trawl through 90 minutes of this!) there are numerous instances where everybody has a good laugh.

But all a hoax believer can do is say "they look guilty"!

Here are some videos showing the exact opposite of that. Relaxed, proud, happy and with no problem telling their individual accounts of their missions:-