Saturday, July 9, 2011

Deathbed confessions

An amazing statement. As though the internet does not exist, with absoulutely anything of note not able to go instantly viral amongst conspiracy theorists.

The first link highlights a whole barrage of articles, freely available and from multiple sources from people who to the best of my knowledge are alive and well, and in no danger of being killed for their crime of disagreeing with the mainstream.

The idea that a lawyer statement would not be read out in public, and have a devastating effect is laughable. The idea that the implied death of their immediate family would result should they do so, once again is quite ludicrous. A simple anonymous letter or a pre-recorded video would be in the public domain so fast it would never be stopped.

The Whitehouse was not even able to stop the tidal wave from a simple act of oral sex from an intern. It was completely powerless to stop an impeachment of Nixon from an investigation that supposedly could never go to press, namely Watergate.

The journalist John Pilger is a man who very much goes against the supposed status quo, very much alive, and seemingly in no danger.

The second link provided, has Noam Chomsky, a very opionated man, who has no trouble whatsoever saying exactly what he wants when he wants. With numerous film clips all over the internet, namely the ones quoted on youtube, he doesn't strike me as somebody who is not able to get a message out.

Is he still alive?  How odd that somebody like that hasn't been "bumped off"!

Video 1, the supposed media controlled Fox TV!! Their ignorance littered throughout the show, that particular clip concentrates on alleging that Gus Grissom was supposedly murdered, by sabotaging the Apollo program itself and casting the most intense scrutiny on the whole thing. Far simpler to have some sort of accident away from the spotlight. His son suspects foul play, but the investigation carried out by numerous NASA employees found no such evidence. Unless they are all to be added to the cover up of a murder, and future cover up of a "hoax", this is just nonsense!
We are being asked to believe that NASA employees, who supposedly knew even at that stage, that there was no chance of making the journey to the Moon, actually carried out a triple murder and covered it up. Bunkum.
We then have the secondary claim that Thomas Baron was also murdered in his car. This despite the fact that he had already presented his full report to congress!

Video 2 is just opinionated crap, where a tin-foil hat should be worn during viewing. He alleges that several test pilots who died doing their jobs were outspoken about Apollo, yet offers no proof. More nonsense about Grissom again, but this time he insists it was a masonic ceremony. Bunkum.