Monday, July 11, 2011

The Chinese Spacewalks - Part 2"

Item 11 - Transmission quality

The video is very good, as one would expect from the technology that comes out of the Far East, however only the audio recorded on the surface appears to be pretty good quality. Astronaut comms aren't that good, but they have a very good background noise supression system. A rather labored point, perhaps trying to demonstrate the clarity was because it was on Earth, when they could simply have added some video distortion to the picture, had they deemed it necessary. Bunkum.

Item 12 - Pre launch document released early

Somebody put out the press release early. The actual dialogue quoted appears to be fairly standard, and obviously something rehearsed in their genuine underwater facilites. Embarrassing for China, but hardly a unique event to have a pre-prepared press release in news reporting of big events.

Item 13 - China faked the Chang'e photographs

It was actually just one picture that sent tongues wagging. Completely wrong, the Chinese picture is taken at a different angle, and actually has a newly formed crater on its picture that can easily be verified. If this find had any credence, it would have had all the mad conspiracy theorists scrambling for more evidence. None was found, just this one picture. A leap of faith logical fallacy argument based on a single photograph.

Here is the picture against the NASA one:-

Item 14 - The arc of the Earth

He compares the relative Earth arcs of the Shenzhou spacewalk with other footage, and says Earth's arc is different!

The Chinese spacewalk is closer footage than the example given and has a wider angled lens.

Item 15 - The clouds are speeding up

This is more bunkum to explain both the motion of the flag and the space debris. He uses a short passage where the cloud cover appears to brighten up very quickly. This is light striking the solid cloud and diffusing it. The camera is set for near field operation so sees it over exposed. The craft as stated is orbiting at 17,000mph.

Item 16 - The floating cables

He says the astronauts air is provided in the tether cables!! He then says the astronaut is holding it down to stop it floating up!

The tethers have shape memory caused by them being wound on drums during manufacture. The only tendency the cable has in an unrestricted vacuum is to assume that curled position from being wound around a large drum. There are numerous examples where it makes this same movement in a horizontal vector in relation to the camera. Bunkum.

Item 17 - The "missing" outer atmosphere halo

He talks about the blue halo missing from the footage showing the outer part of the Earth's atmosphere that scatters blue light.

The halo is visible under most, but not all conditions, as shown by the examples below. The camera for Shenzhou 7 was set to expose for sharp nearfield and in digital quality, the Earth in the background is consequently over exposed and a little out of focus.

Watch 10 seconds of this video from the time marker 13:21. The first view has no halo, the second has a huge halo:-

Item 18 - The Earth moves

Says the earth moves up and down a tiny bit, and questions how does that happen in space.
The craft follows an elliptical orbit, it has very small corrections made at intervals to its forward orb-rate rotation. Perhaps he should have asked this basic question before adding it into his video?

Item 19 - The change in degrees towards the Sun

He talks of a 120 degree sun angle change in the 15 minutes we see the craft!!

A standard 90 minute orbit makes a 60 degree orbital change in 15 minutes not 120 degrees. However, the craft is following a 42 degree orbit so that equates to nearer 40 degrees. Just really bad math and ignorance of the orbital path.

Item 20 - The supposedly lit piece of the craft

He says the Sun angle never changes on both cameras, then indicates that it lights up part of the craft and then back off again. He says it is impossible, especially at 90 minutes per orbit.

If we assume that the area he highlights as being lit is done so by the Sun, when the light recedes, one would expect the top part to be still illuminated last of all. But it isn't as this screenshot indicates:-

The screenshots show the light is coming from the opposite direction, the Earth, as the bottom part is lit last of all! Simple attitude control would account for this, as previously explained. In addition, 10 minutes later on during the space walk, we see the Sun angle has changed accordingly, representing what we would expect to see:-

Item 21 - The extra astronaut

He says there are 4 distinct voices and only 3 astronauts.

This is just speculation. He begs the question, then plays some different clips, all labelled up for the viewer. Basically he is just clutching at straws. The voices are all varied volume inflection and clarity. To me, voice 2 is the same as voice 4, just closer to the mike(ie. face not turned to the side maybe), or speaking softer on some of the clips he plays.

So this is your idea of a credibility test is it!?

Only those with the same ignorance and gullibility as yourself, ie. no reasoning ability, nor any motivation at all to verify that what is said is actually complete Bullshit........actually pass the test.