Friday, June 24, 2011

The Apollo 15 flag

Now, the next item in this "Mountain of crushing evidence".

The Apollo 15 flag movement

I have uploaded 7 videos on youtube analysing this subject. There are two main issues to deal with, namely the initial movement, and the subsequent movement after Dave Scott has passed by the flag.

Video 1

This video simply highlights the initial movement.

Video 2

In this video, I demonstrate that Jarrah White is self debunking his own claims. He runs past his own badly hung flag, yet fails to move it until he is level with it. He is considerably closer than Dave Scott was to the Apollo 15 flag. There is the barest of movements as he draws level.

Video 3

In this video I show the original Apollo 15 flag moving for 30 seconds. Using Jarrah's 66% slowed down footage theory, that equates to 20 seconds.
White then proceeds to run past his own flag several times, yet is only able to move his flag for 4-5 seconds. That equates to 6-7.5 seconds adjusted up 150%.
With White's flag, there is a totally different billowing movement, a rapid stop, and indeed a much more aggresive motion. No gentle back and forth prolonged swaying as per Apollo 15 flag.

Video 4

This video shows a wide book being dropped from 1 metre and failing to move a plastic bag until it is a few inches away from it.

Video 5

In this video, I isolate several frames and show the flag with movement and Dave Scott at least four feet away. I show several color filtered shots that highlight the actual flagpole itself moving, that is clearly impossible. This one video debunks the "wall of air" contention completely, since air will only be pushed a few inches in front of a body in motion. The plastic bag demonstrated this.

Video 6

In this video I take it a step further. Using frame grabs, I show Dave Scott about 6 feet away from the flag, with clear movement.

Video 7

This final video is my personal favorite. If you watch no other video, watch this one.
I show White debunking himself in the most totally conclusive way. Simpler if you just watch it.


From, user Headlikearock  has made a very significant observation concerning the lens flares on the flag. They actually move alongside the flag itself, the flagpole and parts of the ground. Here is the direct link, and the picture below:-



There are two possible explanations for the initial movement.
The movement is a camera blooming effect, caused by Dave Scott entering the frame and the camera blooming with CRT effect to compensate.
It is consistent with the whole flag shifting right, including the flagpole itself, and also consistent with slightly more movement to the edge caused by the wide angle lens' natural distortion to objects at its edge.
The movement could also be caused by ground vibration, since the flagpole is seated into the regolith, which has a consistency similar to sandstone just below it's surface.
I tend to favor the former of these two, but I am open to the other.
What I am not open to, is a mystery wall of air pushing against a nylon flag from 6 feet away, 4 feet away, or even 2 feet away.

Finally, the main movement:
The movement of the flag as the astronaut passes, is simply caused by his arm brushing it. There are two debunking videos explaining it perfectly.......

But lets leave the last word on the subject with Mr Debunkhimself who concurs with the two analyses above:-